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Trusted global investigative expertise for today’s complex world.

When it comes to managing risks across multiple continents, reliable, ethically-obtained intelligence is critical. That’s where Nardello & Co.
steps in as the global investigations firm clients turn to time and again for the information they need to make informed decisions, capitalize on opportunities, solve problems and avoid potential losses.

We’ve got you covered.

Whatever your business is, it’s our business to find the facts wherever they may lead. At Nardello & Co. we solve our clients’ problems, we don’t create new ones, and everything we do is tailor-made to ensure our clients receive accurate on-point findings.

FCPA and anti-corruption investigations

Maintaining compliance with the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and similar anti-corruption legislation is simply part of doing business in a global economy. Nardello & Co. can assist you in performing the due diligence that will prevent problems down the road. We can also help gather the evidence necessary to shed light on a recent incident or accusation.MORE >

Litigation and arbitration support

Obtaining actionable intelligence has always been the core of our business. Nowhere is this more important than in litigation support. Trusted by Top 100 law firms and Fortune 500 corporations, Nardello & Co. specializes in delivering information and gathering evidence to support our clients’ legal strategies. Whether it involves investigating the credentials of an expert witness, locating obscure documentation in challenging jurisdictions in order to provide material support for key testimony, or establishing undisclosed links between key parties, our investigative experts provide invaluable assistance to your legal team.MORE >

Digital investigations

Nardello & Co.’s digital teams provide in-depth computer forensics investigations, data breach crisis management and response, social media analyses, regulatory compliance consulting and other services related to the way today’s corporations and individuals work online. We also recognize that the digital component of an inquiry is part and parcel of, and informed by, the broader legal and investigative strategy. As a reinvestigations focus on what clients actually need in the context of their overall investigative strategy, without engaging in needless and costly “check-the-box” exercises that bear little relation to the demands of the inquiry.MORE >

Reputational due diligence

Whether it’s vetting a potential business partner, conducting background investigations of board hires or performing self due-diligence during corporate contests, Nardello & Co. offers assistance with a range of reputational issues. Drawing on our experience as former federal prosecutors, corporate and compliance attorneys, law enforcement personnel, intelligence operatives, licensed investigators, forensic accountants and journalists, we design and implement due diligence plans tailored to and informed by the client’s needs. MORE >

Asset tracing

Through a combination of in-depth forensic research and on-the-ground investigation, Nardello & Co. assists clients in identifying and locating assets wherever, whenever they need to. Employing a customized approach, we’re able to accurately trace difficult-to-find assets with great efficiency. And importantly, we recognize that it is frequently the less obvious assets that can be the most significant. Whether looking for assets held by individuals involved in civil disputes, sovereign assets or assets secreted by a deposed dictator, we have the experience, creativity and sheer determination to maxi-mize your chances of success.MORE >

Strategic investigations

From confirming vendor compliance to preventing theft of intellectual property and trade secrets to conducting competitive intelligence before entering a new market, whenever the interests of your business are at risk, we’ll work to find creative solutions that protect you from losses and liability. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and prominent individuals around the world, Nardello & Co. strives to provide thoughtful, ethically obtained insights that allow you to manage risk in a global business environment.MORE >

Strategic intelligence

Important decisions need to be guided by reliable intelligence. At home and abroad, our corporate risk management services help companies gain a competitive edge by leveraging the experience of our multi-disciplinary business intelligence team and utilizing our global network of confidential sourc-es. At Nardello & Co. we not only understand the need to access information in real time, but to do so ethically and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.MORE >
Whether you have an urgent situation today or something stirring on the horizon, whenever you need us, we’ll work with you to develop custom solutions to meet your needs. We are passionate about delivering insightful, actionable intelligence… We are committed to acting ethically with full transparency… We Find Out.  What can Nardello & Co. find out for you?