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Martin Stone

Managing Director, Head of EMEA
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Martin Stone is a Managing Director and heads the firm’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Practice, which is based in London. An experienced investigator, political analyst, author and Arabic speaker, Martin directs the firm’s anti-corruption, due diligence and business intelligence initiatives and travels frequently to Africa and the Gulf region. He manages the firm’s regional staff and assists clients in understanding the risks and rewards associated with working in these regions. Specializing in matters involving North Africa and the Middle East, Martin brings more than 20 years of expertise managing complex, multi-jurisdictional investigations and conducting political and country risk analysis for law firms, financial companies and corporations.

Prior to joining Nardello & Co., Martin managed teams of corporate investigators and analysts on behalf of several international management consultancy firms. Most recently, for a London-based risk management firm, he helped establish and manage its Dubai office and operations, recruiting and training staff in London and the UAE. He also managed numerous anti-corruption due diligence, political risk and corporate intelligence investigations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Previously, Martin was a director in the political and professional risk divisions at a leading risk management and insurance intermediary. He led that firm’s marketing efforts to law firms, financial services and other multinationals, particularly in the Gulf region. Earlier, Martin established and then led the first country and political risk consultancy practice within the forensic practice at a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm in London. He joined that firm after having managed and directed a research team at a global security risk firm, maintaining specific responsibility for research in the Middle East.

Martin is the author of The Agony of Algeria, published by the Columbia University Press, and has written numerous articles in the past two decades focusing on political risk. He has also spoken on integrity, business, political and security risk and all aspects of crisis management to business and academic audiences throughout the EU, North America, the Gulf and Asia.

Martin Stone is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, where he received a MA (Hons) in Arabic with Turkish and an MBA from the Open University in the UK.


Martin Stone

Managing Director, Head of EMEA

22-24 Ely Place
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