Case study: Illuminating an allegation ricochet
Experience/Sexually-Related Extortion Attempt

Sexually-Related Extortion Attempt

For a publicly traded company, Nardello & Co. conducted an investigation of an individual who claimed to have embarrassing information regarding an illicit affair involving the company’s CEO and a junior employee at the firm. The self-proclaimed “whistleblower” claimed to have additional information showing that the CEO had a history of such affairs, and that the firm turned a blind eye to his inappropriate behavior and violation of the company’s code of conduct.

Nardello’s investigation included an examination of the whistleblower’s past, which revealed that he had a long criminal history, including a conviction for insider trading. Through interviews with the employee and others, and a computer forensic examination, it became evident that the whistleblower himself and the junior employee had had a romantic relationship.  The allegations surrounding the affair with the CEO were merely part of a failed attempt by the whistleblower to extort the CEO and the company.

Armed with this information, the company’s outside counsel was able to convince the whistleblower to drop his campaign against the company and CEO.

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