Case study: Forensic analysis of potential risk to high-profile individual
Experience/Snail Mail Threat

Snail Mail Threat

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a law firm on behalf of a prominent financial figure in the US who received unusual envelopes in the mail over the course of several weeks.

The envelopes did not contain any letters or threats, merely blank papers. The client was concerned about the origin of the envelopes and whether the sender posed a threat to him or his family. He was also concerned that the envelope might contain toxic substances.

Nardello & Co. conducted a forensic analysis, which determined there were no toxic substances inside the envelopes. Further forensic analysis of the envelopes revealed address information, which the sender attempted to obfuscate, that helped us identify the sender.

Open source research on the sender determined that he was not a threat to the client. The law firm sent the sender a cease and desist letter, after which the mailings stopped.

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