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In due diligence, it pays to be vigilant
Rena Feghali’s article one the importance of conducting pre-transaction due diligence on potential partners in the Middle East was published in the United Arab more
Stockman Reveals Reputations Don’t Return When Prosecutors Walk
David Glovin profiles three executives who faced charges that were later dropped by federal prosecutors. Dan Nardello comments on how Nardello & Co.’s investigation for the defense supported Kramer Levin’s successful efforts to have the FCPA indictment against former AIG executive David Pinkerton dismissed before more
How Federal Crackdown on Bribery Hurts Business and Enriches Insiders
Nathan Vardi’s cover story investigates whom actually benefits from FCPA regulations and how effective the regulations are in deterring bribery. Dan Nardello suggests that, “a lot can be remedied by more prosecutorial discretion and some common senseread more