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The New Cyber Reality: A Perpetual State of Breach

Just as individuals and organizations were digesting the implications of the massive Equifax data breach, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dropped another cyber-bombshell last week, announcing a serious compromise in Read more

The Equifax Data Breach - What You Need To Know

In the wake of Equifax Inc.’s recent data breach announcement, inpiduals and corporations around the world are asking “What does this mean for me?” and, more importantly, “What should I do about Read more
JUNE 2017

The Case For Lateral Partner Due Diligence

A law firm’s reputation is built on the conduct of its partners. Firms have traditionally promoted from within, a thoughtful and incremental process. Today, however, it has become much more common to recruit partner-level Read more

Conducting Corporate Investigations in Africa

With some exceptions, corporate investigations in Africa present greater challenges and complexities than typically found in North America or Western Europe. While generalisation is dangerous in a continent of 55 jurisdictions Read more

Uber’s Rogue Investigators Cause Federal Judge’s Temper to Surge

Judge Jed Rakoff’s decision issued on July 25th in the Meyer v. Kalanick case pending in the Southern District of New York serves as a reminder of the ethical rule that as an attorney, the actions of your investigator are Read more

Corporate Spies Must Toe the Line

Private investigators don’t do what Hollywood would have you think they do. Not legally, at least. They can’t smack people around, like Sam Spade did in The Maltese Falcon, or sneak into crime scenes, like Philip Read more
JULY 2016

Two Cheers for the Modern Slavery Act?

Though more than 150 years have passed since the abolition of slavery in the United Kingdom, there are an estimated 21 to 35 million people working under slave-like conditions globally. In a recent attempt to address this Read more
JUNE 2016

Murky Waters: Navigating Business & Politics in Asia

Politics and business intertwine in a unique way in Asia, where state-run economies, crony capitalism and social networks prevail. These three forces are present across the region, though they manifest differently from country to Read more
MAY 2016

Implications of the Panama Papers for Panama and Beyond

When the Panama Papers were first revealed last month, the country of Panama found itself at the center of a world-wide storm of financial disclosures. The largest data leak in history, the Panama Papers encompass 11.5 million Read more

Investigative Due Diligence: Beyond Google

Due diligence has become a standard component of most major business transactions. Anti-corruption laws, such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act, and anti-money laundering laws, such as the US Patriot Read more
APRIL 2015

Independent Investigation into NYU Abu Dhabi Campus Allegations

As you may have seen, on April 16th we issued our report summarizing the results of our investigation into allegations made by several news organizations and NGOs about abusive labor practices for the thousands of migrant workers Read more
APRIL 2014

Wasta: Connections or Corruption in the Arab World

In the wake of the Arab Spring, corruption has become one of the Arab World’s most talked about problems. Islam strictly prohibits corruption and there are undoubtedly many in the Arab World who take the Quran’s Read more