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Intelligence services aim to help buy-side

08 October 2013 | Financial News

Nardello & Co.’s Nicholas Peck speaks with the Financial News, a Dow Jones publication, about how important it is for asset managers to exercise due diligence when making investments and assessing risk. The article provides comprehensive insight into the complexities of due diligence in the investment context in cross border entities.

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China corruption probes prompt compliance rigor

30 September 2013 | Private Equity Analyst

Nardello & Co.’s Ben Rowse is interviewed by the Private Equity Analyst, a Dow Jones publication, about recent corruption probes in China, the associated risks of investing in a Chinese deal and, the increased need for compliance rigor.

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For more information or to read the full article, please contact Tara MacMillan or Ben Rowse

Conducting anti-corruption due diligence on third parties

26 September 2013 | The FCPA Report

Nardello & Co. is interviewed by Nicole Di Schino of The FCPA Report for their series, “Conducting Anti-Corruption Due Diligence on Third Parties”.  The Nardello team discusses some of the risks of retaining third parties and the most effective ways of conducting due diligence to alleviate these risks.

Nichols Peck gives examples of third parties on whom due diligence should be directed: “Companies should focus on whether an agent has other government contracts, for example whether it needs licenses from the government to operate”. He goes on to say “Companies often don’t think about the agents who are already in place. They think, ‘I’ve been working with that guy for ten years’, and don’t think to do a due diligence investigation”.

Daniel Nardello stresses the importance of having set due diligence policies and procedures. When asked if he thought these should be written, he replies “Nowadays they have to be written because a corporation has to be able to prove that they exist. Additionally, if a company is serious about due diligence, particularly big multinational corporations, the policies have to be written, they have to be communicated to employees, and people have to be able to consult them”.

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Corporate transparency threatened by proposed legislation in Hong Kong

09 January 2013 | The New York Times

Neil Gough of The New York Times exposes pending legislation that would cloud existing corporate transparency in Hong Kong in his article which also appeared in the International Herald Tribune: “Hong Kong Moves to Limit Information on Executives.”  Ben Rowse, comments on how these laws, included in a package proposed to the local legislatures, could greatly impact the way investors, investigators and journalists are able to do their jobs. “If these changes go through, it would be a sad day for Hong Kong, which generally has been a beacon of transparency in a region where opacity is rife.”

Ben continues on to mention the importance of the information these laws are trying to regulate, saying “[the information is] extremely important, particularly when you are trying to work out the existence of any related party transactions or conflicts of interest that may have not been disclosed to a potential investor or business partner.”

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Nardello & Co. cited in The New York Times DealBook

2013 | DealBook

Reporting on growth trends in the international investigations community, Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times DealBook notes, “. . . companies today are increasingly using investigative firms like . . . Nardello & Co. to supplement their own in-house compliance and legal programs.”

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