Your best kept secret in mitigating risk

Finding the correct information
requires highly specialized professionals.

Nardello & Co., a recognized leader in the global investigative sector.

With offices in New York, London, Washington DC, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan and Dubai, Nardello & Co. is a global investigations firm with experienced professionals handling a broad range of issues including the FCPA/UK Bribery Act and other corruption-related investigations, civil and white collar criminal litigation support, asset tracing, strategic intelligence and political risk assessment, computer forensics and reputational due diligence.

Our competitive advantage is our legal DNA and a multi-disciplinary team comprised of former US federal prosecutors, US and international lawyers, former general counsels of multinational corporations, former law enforcement personnel and intelligence operatives, licensed investigators, research analysts, former journalists, financial crime specialists, forensic accountants and computer forensic specialists. Nardello & Co.’s experienced staff provides timely, well researched, ethically obtained information that decision-makers rely upon to maximize |opportunities, secure competitive advantages, and resolve problems or, to avoid potentially reputation-damaging associations.

Why risk it?

When it comes to effectively managing risk in an increasingly complex world, multinational corporations, financial institutions, Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, high-net-worth individuals and family offices, governments, NGOs, sports organizations, academic institutions and the law firms that advise them won’t risk retaining any investigative partner other than Nardello & Co.

What can we find out for you?

Please contact us to discuss how our team can help find the answers you need.

What sets us apart.

Nardello & Co.’s adherence to our core values has led clients to retain us time and again on matters of the utmost importance and sensitivity. Our relationships are built on:


Acting ethically and legally is of paramount importance to us. We respect the laws of the countries in which we have offices and in the jurisdictions in which we work. Our clients’ confidences are sacrosanct and we rigorously screen for conflicts.

Analysis. Creativity. Thoroughness.

We don’t believe in menu-driven investigations or a democracy of facts. We are exhaustive but focused and adept at teasing out inferences, providing corroboration and separating “information” from evidence.

Responsiveness. Hands-on management.

We focus on our clients’ objectives and tailor our investigative strategies accordingly. There are no layers between the professionals who do the work and the clients we serve. We are available around the clock and around the world.

Client focus.

We communicate with our clients clearly, succinctly and in real time. We respect budgets and deadlines. We believe it is our role to solve our clients’ problems, not to create new ones.

Independence. Collaboration.

We are independently owned and answer only to our clients, not to investors or shareholders. Our offices collaborate, not compete, providing our clients with seamless service.


Who we help.

Whatever your business is, it’s our business to find the facts wherever they may lead.

Our clients include:

How can we help you?

Please contact us to find out how we can implement an investigative plan tailored to your needs.


Our leadership.

At Nardello & Co. excellence starts with having the right people—people who are extraordinary, people with decades of experience, and people who adhere to the highest ethical standards.


We give back.

At Nardello & Co. it’s important to us to support the communities in which we work and to ensure our pro bono efforts continue to be a vital part of our commitment.

On behalf of our teams around the world, it is our privilege to pledge time and resources to a variety of causes that serve the public.

We'd like to recognize a few of the outstanding organizations we support:

The Police Athletic League NYC — For more than 100 years, PAL has provided the children of New York with safe places to play, learn and grow.

Coalition for the Homeless — As the nation’s oldest advocacy and direct service organization helping the homeless in New York City, the Coalition is dedicated to the principle that affordable housing, sufficient food, and the chance to work for a living wage are fundamental rights in a civilized society. Each and every year it is our pleasure to sponsor their Annual ArtWalk NY events as well as their Women Mean Business Luncheons that benefit the Coalition for the Homeless’ First Step job training program.

New Renaissance Basketball Association — RENS Basketball is designed to develop, improve, enrich and encourage each child’s way of life through a student athletic program that will offer the opportunity to reach full individual potential both on and off the court.

Office of the Appellate Defender — OAD is a not-for-profit law firm devoted to providing excellent legal representation to indigent persons convicted of felonies in Manhattan and the Bronx. For many years now, we’ve been very pleased to sponsor the OAD’s annual First Monday fundraising event. In October 2013, they featured a mock US Supreme Court argument attended by many of NY’s most prominent attorneys, judges and government officials.

Baseball Assistance Team — Our team sponsored the Going to Bat for B.A.T. 2014 fundraising dinner, which also celebrated the organization’s 25th Anniversary. Commissioner Selig accepted the inaugural “Commissioner Bud Selig Leadership Award” which annually recognizes a baseball executive who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to enhancing the resources and reach of B.A.T. throughout the professional baseball world.

Judges & Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert — The JALBCA is an outstanding organization dedicated to mobilizing the legal community of the New York City metropolitan area in the fight against breast cancer

Youth At Risk — Working directly with young people at risk of or involved in running away, exploitation, gangs and serious youth violence, this organization runs programs in communities, schools, employment services and prisons for families and for professionals in support of youth at risk.

My Sister’s Place — Our team supports My Sister’s Place, an organization that works to educate and advocate the dangers of domestic violence in the hopes of ending sexual assault, dating violence, human trafficking, and other forms of domestic violence in society.

Garden of Dreams Foundation — This nonprofit organization works with children who are facing challenges throughout the tri-state area. Seeking to make a positive influence, the nonprofit hosts events and programs throughout the year to reach children who are experiencing poverty, illness, homelessness and other obstacles.