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2309Case Studies

Compliance Reviews

We routinely counsel companies large and small on an array of compliance issues, including domestic violence, sexual assault and misconduct procedures.
216Case Studies

Company owned by Controversial Figure

As part of its pre-transactional due diligence process, a European corporation engaged Nardello & Co. to conduct an investigation into the political and business connections of a prominent and controversial Latin American national in exile, from whom it was planning to buy a large company in Latin America.
258Case Studies

Investigation of Accidental Death

An employee of a multinational company was accused of negligent acts which resulted in a death.
256Case Studies

Acquittal for Defendant

Nardello & Co. was retained by a law firm representing a defendant who was accused of defrauding a financial institution.
250Case Studies

Corrupt Practices in the Gulf

For a major US law firm, Nardello & Co. conducted an investigation of a senior executive at a government-owned company in the Gulf Region.
1597Case Studies

Labor Allegations in the Gulf

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a US private equity firm to conduct due diligence on a conglomerate operating across the Middle East.
254Case Studies

Third Party Payments

A publicly traded US company with subsidiaries in Latin America hired Nardello & Co. to investigate possible FCPA violations when it discovered that one of its consultants had asked the company to make payments through a third party.
222Case Studies

FCPA Indictment Dismissed

Nardello & Co. was retained by a US law firm to assist in the criminal defense of an employee of a multinational company who was indicted for alleged FCPA violations relating to privatization investments in Azerbaijan.
238Case Studies

Licensing in Africa

A commodities company looking at prospects in Africa retained Nardello & Co. to investigate their future partner who held certain licensing rights in the region.
189Case Studies

Snail Mail Threat

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a law firm on behalf of a prominent financial figure in the US who received unusual envelopes in the mail over the course of several weeks.
191Case Studies

Heir Not So Apparent

In a matter concerning the guardianship of an heir to a substantial estate, Nardello & Co. was retained to establish that a family member was not qualified to serve as guardian to her sibling.
228Case Studies

Fraud in Regulated Industry

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a company in a highly regulated industry to examine the illicit operations of its competitors.
246Case Studies

Corporate Shell Game in China

Nardello & Co. was retained by a hedge fund that had identified inconsistencies with the accounting record of a publicly traded Chinese company.
240Case Studies

Princeling in China

Nardello & Co. was instructed to conduct a due diligence investigation on a utility company in China, including its board members.
230Case Studies

Bribery in Europe

When FCPA allegations were made against the European subsidiary of a major US pharmaceutical company, Nardello & Co. was retained by the company's audit committee to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into whether bribes had been paid to government officials.
197Case Studies

International Firm Threatened

Nardello & Co. was retained by a multinational law firm, which was receiving threats from a former intern who had been denied employment at the firm.
2311Case Studies

Litigation Support in Campus Rape Inquiry

We were engaged by a student who was accused by another student of rape in a university proceeding.
1600Case Studies

Facilitating Change in Working Conditions

A leading European company was concerned by poor construction standards and working conditions at the site of its project in an Arabian Gulf state.
220Case Studies

Asset Search in the Balkans

The owner of a major company operating within a number of industries in Eastern Europe, including real estate and property development, retained Nardello & Co. to investigate suspicious transfers made by some of his former partners.
193Case Studies

Recovery of Funds

Nardello & Co. was retained on behalf of a high-net-worth individual who had entered into a professional relationship with an individual.
224Case Studies

Government Witness Undermined

Nardello & Co. assisted counsel in the defense of an employee of a financial institution who was charged for his alleged involvement in a tax evasion scheme.
209Case Studies

Anonymous Allegations

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a Fortune 500 company to investigate anonymous allegations sent to the board of directors that a senior executive had engaged in inappropriate conduct that could damage the company’s reputation and subject it to potential litigation.
214Case Studies

Organized Crime Link

In Venezuela, a US corporation contemplating a joint venture with a local firm retained Nardello & Co. to undertake a due diligence investigation to identify any reputational risks associated with the local firm.
248Case Studies

International Theft in Europe

A luxury goods company retained Nardello & Co. to help them untangle a complex web of theft suffered at the hands of a counterparty.
236Case Studies

Acquisition in the US

Nardello & Co. was retained by a US law firm on behalf of a telecommunications company considering the acquisition of a retail website business.
212Case Studies

Corrupt Partner in Mexico

For a large multinational client, Nardello & Co. established that a client’s business partner in Mexico had links to several drug cartels.
218Case Studies

Asset Search in Africa

We were instructed to search for assets of an African nation to satisfy a multi-million dollar judgment.
242Case Studies

Terrorist Funding Concerns in MENA

Nardello & Co. was retained by a large US transportation firm to conduct FCPA due diligence on potential joint venture partners in a multibillion dollar project in the Middle East.
32Case Studies

Bribery Allegations in China

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a US multinational to conduct an FCPA investigation into allegations that one of its distributors in China had paid bribes to local government officials on the instructions of a regional sales manager to secure a large contract.
195Case Studies

Unfair Suit for Fair Share

A well-known financial figure was sued by a former partner who claimed that he had been cheated out of his fair share of their company, which the partner claimed was worth over a billion dollars.
2307Case Studies

Domestic Violence Investigation

Nardello & Co. was retained on behalf of a high profile individual who was facing potential criminal assault charges relating to a girlfriend.
244Case Studies

Board Room Intrigue

When two C-suite level executives resigned within a day of each other from a publicly traded company, Nardello & Co. was retained by a strategic investor to help provide some clarity on the many rumors that ensued.
234Case Studies

Multinational Embezzlement

An international engineering company instructed Nardello & Co. to conduct an investigation into the activities of a former senior employee who was suspected of embezzlement.
252Case Studies

Questions in Mongolia

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a multinational firm to conduct due diligence on its potential business partner in Mongolia with a focus on identifying any issues of concern relating to the FCPA and other anti-corruption laws.
30Case Studies

Corporate Risk In New Delhi

On behalf of a multinational firm, we conducted an FCPA due diligence investigation in connection with a planned acquisition of an engineering company based in New Delhi.
226Case Studies

Money Laundering in Russia

In assisting a world-renowned publishing house in its defense against libel charges, Nardello & Co. conducted a complex investigation to support the publisher's printed allegations that the subject of their story was involved in fraud and money laundering.
28Case Studies

Questionable Reputation

A UK client sought to appoint a South African businessman to a senior position in a newly established fund.
34Case Studies

Not All FCPA Allegations Ring True

Nardello & Co. was engaged by a US multinational to conduct an FCPA investigation into one of its distributors in India following the company’s receipt of a series of anonymous corruption allegations.
232Case Studies

Fraud in Asia

A US-based financial company with a subsidiary in Central Asia retained our team of fraud experts to conduct an investigation of one of the local company's senior managers who was suspected of fraud and money laundering.

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