We find the skeletons in the closet.

At Nardello & Co., we have the global reach necessary to go wherever a Bribery Act investigation takes us. Through focused investigations, on-the-ground insights and a thorough knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory landscape around corruption and bribery, we give you the tools you need to protect your interests.

We are one of a handful of global firms specializing in UK Bribery Act due diligence. Our team also conducts internal investigations, as well as provides criminal defense support and aid in drafting effective anti-corruption policies that formalize risk management strategies at the organizational level.

The introduction of the UK Bribery Act in 2010 created an additional need for businesses operating internationally to partner with skilled anti-corruption investigators.

Considered one of the strictest pieces of anti-bribery legislation in the world, the act applies not only to British citizens and residents, but also to any individual or corporation with links to the UK. Penalties can include unlimited fines, up to 10 years’ imprisonment, confiscation of property and disqualification of a company’s directors.

The international scope of the UK Bribery Act requires investigators who are capable of effectively navigating the social and business mores of any community.

Nardello & Co. maintains offices in New York, London, Washington DC, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan and Dubai, and we have a trusted team of local investigators working all over the world. In a difficult or large-scale Bribery Act investigation where time is of the essence, this leads to faster, more accurate results. We also obtain the results in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.