Leave no stone unturned.

From poring over a database to providing boots-on-the-ground investigative support, Nardello & Co. offers a range of asset tracing services to clients in the US and around the world.

The ease with which money and valuables can be moved around the world today has created a need for sophisticated asset investigation services. Following the path of missing assets requires the collective expertise of forensic accountants, researchers, lawyers and investigators. With our comprehensive creative approach, we can pick up a financial trail that’s been cold for an extended period of time, making our team an essential ally in litigation and other legal actions.

We recognize that it is frequently the less obvious assets that can be the most significant. Some of the assets we have identified and recovered during the course of our investigations include:
  • Overseas accounts used to make interest payments on bonds found through exhibits to regulatory filings
  • Links to holding companies identified through historic domain registration records
  • Artwork on loan to museums identified through special exhibition catalogues
  • Offshore oil concessions found in company filings within the target country
  • Shipments of valuable goods documented on bills of lading