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Nardello & Co. brings a unique 360-degree perspective and unparalleled depth of knowledge to FCPA due diligence and investigations. We are one of the few investigation firms that have conducted pre-transaction FCPA due diligence, FCPA internal investigations and litigation support in the context of the successful defense of a FCPA indictment.

The robust enforcement of the FCPA requires both privately and publicly held companies operating abroad to identify, evaluate, and address corruption risks.

To address FCPA and anti-corruption concerns worldwide, Nardello & Co.’s dedicated anti-corruption team, which includes former US prosecutors, former US and foreign law enforcement officials and compliance experts, has the specialized experience necessary to assist on these sensitive matters.

Companies and individuals doing business around the world face a substantial legal and economic challenge in trying to navigate these anti-corruption laws and regulations.

  • Failing to navigate these regulatory waters can result in enormous costs and possible criminal prosecutions that can potentially devastate a company and its reputation.
  • Enhanced enforcement of anti-corruption laws, particularly by the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, has resulted in a significant number of investigations and prosecutions for violations of the FCPA

Our FCPA and anti-corruption services include:

  • Due diligence
  • Internal investigations
  • Anti-corruption compliance policy consultation
  • Investigative support in defense of FCPA criminal matters

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