Fast, actionable intelligence you can count on.

Tracing money across complex global financial networks requires an equal combination of experience-driven insights and technological acumen. At Nardello & Co., we have invested in the people, the processes and the programs, which deliver advanced forensic accounting services for some of today’s most demanding high-profile clients.

Whether you’re trying to defend yourself against fraud accusations, perform due diligence and internal investigations or develop long-term strategies for risk management, our forensic accounting practice can provide the information you need to make smart decisions.

We provide fast, actionable intelligence you can rely on.

How well do you really know your business’s financials? At Nardello & Co., we dig deeper and go beyond the official statements to find out where your money is moving, who is accessing it and how it’s being managed. Our services are vital for litigation support, due diligence and internal investigations into fraud or missing assets. We also serve a wide range of clients across various industries, including several Fortune 500 firms, as well as prominent politicians and high-net-worth individuals. In everything we do, we focus on getting accurate information to you quickly, so you can make informed choices about your financial future.