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Marketing & Events Assistant (New York, NY)

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Marketing & Events Assistant (New York, NY)

We are seeking a Marketing & Events Assistant to join our New York office. The successful candidate will be independent, highly organized, and a creative thinker who excels at problem-solving. S/he will be a self-starter with excellent organizational and communication skills who is eager to be part of a small team of hard-working individuals vital to the success of the firm. The candidate must be able to work independently with little to no day-to-day supervision.

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Website updates

Organization of marketing collateral

Awards and recognition

Contact data review

In addition to these areas, the Assistant will provide support for other day-to-day activities, including:


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Nardello & Co. is a proven leader in investigative fact finding, delivering strategic advice that informs and assists our clients’ decision-making in a thoughtful, timely, and cost effective manner, helping them build stronger litigation positions, avoid potentially reputation-damaging associations, identify any corrupt practices, links with organized crime, or politically exposed persons, in challenging jurisdictions around the world or right next door.

At Nardello & Co., we routinely handle a variety of complex investigations, including those relating to internal fraud and corruption, asset tracing, bribery, and money laundering matters. We are also called upon in complex litigation assignments to develop tangible and admissible evidence, to analyze information that allows our clients to restructure transactions and save them from embarrassing or financially damaging engagements and to help companies navigate the rumor mill in environments where opaque governments and corruption present operational challenges.


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