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Senior Staff

Chris Morgan Jones

Regional Managing Director of EMEA
Our People/Chris Morgan Jones

Regional Managing Director of EMEA Chris Morgan Jones has over twenty-five years’ experience leading complex multi-jurisdictional engagements, amongst them dispute support matters, fraud and corruption investigations, cybersecurity investigations, activist defense work, asset tracing/problematic debt recovery/enforcement matters, and reputational investigations. He has also conducted a large number of assignments for clients looking to better understand acquisition targets, competitor behavior, market dynamics and specific aspects of political or regulatory risk. As head of Nardello & Co.’s EMEA region, Morgan Jones oversees a team of investigators that advises and supports law firms, corporations, banks, governments, private equity firms, hedge funds, and high-net-worth individuals.

Representative matters
  • Morgan Jones led a broad and complex investigation into suspected corruption by the former management of a Middle Eastern state-owned company. This involved the simultaneous application of the full suite of investigative methods, including email review, interviewing, source intelligence, forensic accounting, analysis of financial flows, asset-tracing, open-source investigation, and extensive liaison with local law enforcement and the public prosecutor’s office. The effort produced clear, admissible evidence of corruption on contract awards worth billions of dollars, and the comprehensive exposure of those who had instigated the scheme and profited from it.
  • Morgan Jones investigated the legitimacy of a prominent insolvency administration process that some claimed had been intentionally skewed by a European government in favor of certain creditors for political purposes. The inquiry, which developed evidence of bias and secured the cooperation of witnesses who could support the case, formed the backbone of the client’s case in arbitration.
  • Morgan Jones was engaged to demonstrate that the counterparty in a prominent piece of cross-territory litigation was funded, in part, by the criminal proceeds of high-level corruption in the country in question. This involved extensive identification and debriefing of witnesses, patient unpicking of complex offshore structures, and establishing to evidential standard the predicate crimes that generated the tainted funds.
  • In the context of a shadow hostile takeover, Morgan Jones led an investigation into the possibility of collusion between several new shareholders in a listed natural resources company. This inquiry established that the shareholders were, in fact, being controlled by a single entity that wished to disguise its interest and circumvent stock exchange regulations. Evidence of this allowed the client to mount a more focused and effective defense.



Chris Morgan Jones

Regional Managing Director of EMEA

5 Norwich Street
London EC4A 1EJ
T: +44 (0)20 7079 5900
F: +44 (0)20 7079 5919


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