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Senior Staff

Nicholas Peck

Senior Managing Director
Our People/Nicholas Peck

Nicholas Peck is a Senior Managing Director in the New York office and has conducted litigation support, international asset searches, fraud investigations, corporate control contests, and domestic and international due diligence for more than 30 years. Nick’s investigative career is distinguished by numerous notable matters requiring his expertise in building and executing unique strategies to meet his clients’ ultimate objectives. With extensive experience in a wide range of matters, he consistently provides clarity to assignments that involve intricate issues across technical, legal, and regulatory boundaries.

Prior to joining Nardello & Co., Nick opened the South African office of an international investigations firm. He has led a wide variety of complex investigations including a fraud investigation that involved a state-owned bank that led to numerous convictions and security audits of several mine sites for a major gold producer that had lost an estimated 5% of product through theft.

Nick received his BA degree in international relations from Bates College.

Nick’s representative matters include:

  • Led the independent investigation of labor practices employed during the construction of New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus after US and UK media outlets had reported on labor abuses.
  • Led an investigation of an energy company in arbitration that led to the identification of numerous undisclosed related party transactions and prior bad acts – information that was instrumental in gaining a favorable outcome for our client.
  • Led an investigation of a payment processing scheme that led to the documentation of instances of money laundering, evidence that was used in a subsequent criminal prosecution.
  • In connection with a multi-billion dollar arbitration, led an investigation of oligarchs that documented false statements to US courts and regulatory agencies – information that was used to inform the client’s legal strategy.
  • Served as lead investigator looking at Saddam Hussein’s network of front companies used to hide assets.

Nicholas Peck

Senior Managing Director

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