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Case study: Researching suspicious transfers by ex-partners
Experience/Asset Search in Russia and the Balkans

Asset Search in Russia and the Balkans

The owner of a major company operating within a number of industries in Eastern Europe, including real estate and property development, retained Nardello & Co. to investigate suspicious transfers made by some of his former partners. These transfers were carried out through banks in Russia and the Balkans.

During a six-month investigation, Nardello & Co.’s team of forensic accountants, lawyers, researchers and field investigators reviewed internal documentation, conducted background searches and interviewed key witnesses. Our research uncovered evidence that the client’s former partners, acting in concert with the client’s lawyer, had defrauded him. Nardello & Co. was able to trace the proceeds and the assets acquired with a portion of those proceeds.

The client used our findings in its civil recovery case and reported the criminal activity to the relevant authorities.

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