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Case study: Exposing the prosecution’s hired gun
Experience/Government Witness Undermined

Government Witness Undermined

Nardello & Co. assisted counsel in the defense of an employee of a financial institution who was charged for his alleged involvement in a tax evasion scheme.

An investigation of the government’s main expert witness was conducted. Nardello & Co.’s  review of US corporate records revealed that the expert’s former business partner was the personal lawyer and partner of an infamous fugitive wanted for tax evasion. Examination of media and corporate records in a banking haven also revealed that the expert served on the board of numerous investment funds incorporated in that jurisdiction, all incorporated by a local law firm that was known for assisting foreigners in setting up companies for the purpose of sheltering wealth from tax authorities.

This information undermined the expert’s credibility regarding key elements of the government’s case and supported the defense’s assertion that the expert was merely a hired gun. The defendant was acquitted.

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