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Case study: Identifying and analyzing a shell company scheme
Experience/Identifying and analyzing a shell company scheme

Identifying and analyzing a shell company scheme

Nardello & Co. was retained by a US law firm on behalf of an individual with substantial energy interests in the FSU region. The ultimate client believed that its partners in a joint venture had improperly siphoned off funds from the joint venture to companies under their control.

Through an extensive review of shipping, corporate, securities and regulatory filings in several countries, we were able to establish that the partners had used a series of shell companies to siphon funds through a transfer pricing scheme. We were also able to document how the partners owned a series of substantial assets in the US through a complex web of companies. Equally important, we were able to document occasions on which the partners had made material misrepresentations to both US courts and US regulatory agencies concerning their ownership of these US companies.

Our findings were used to inform our client’s legal strategy.

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