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Case study: Digging up game-changing witnesses
Experience/Investigation of Accidental Death

Investigation of Accidental Death

An employee of a multinational company was accused of negligent acts, which resulted in a death. Nardello & Co. was retained to investigate the circumstances of the claim. The employee’s presence at a meeting where management discussed the allegedly negligent condition was an important piece of the government’s evidence. Nardello was tasked to find and interview witnesses who had knowledge of the meeting.

While the government had provided defense counsel with a list of potential witnesses, most of the names were very common. The government did not provide addresses or identifying information for the witnesses. Nevertheless, Nardello was able to identify and interview former employees, including one who emphatically stated that government agents and prosecutors had threatened him when he provided them with information that was not in their favor. This individual, who became a defense witness, provided compelling testimony at trial, including testimony about the government’s misconduct, which helped defense counsel obtain an acquittal of all charges.

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