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Case study: Gauging risk of possible partnership
Experience/To Proceed or Not To Proceed

To Proceed or Not To Proceed

On behalf of an investment firm, we conducted due diligence on a potential partner firm with subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden and Germany. We undertook public records research in all relevant jurisdictions and a series of reputational source inquiries.

Our research established that the subject company had good connections within government circles in the jurisdictions in which it was present. While we found no evidence of improper conduct in the context of anti-corruption laws, our source inquiries determined that one of the key principals of the subject company had, in his prior career, been involved in a series of deals in which he had been accused of using aggressive tactics. One deal in particular fell through as a result of pressure from trade unions. We further determined that this individual was not directly involved in the business of the subsidiary our client was planning to deal with.

The client was able to make a well-informed decision as to how to proceed with the relationship.

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