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Indictment of Rep. Henry Cuellar puts Spotlight on Foreign Influence on Capitol Hill

Howard Master was interviewed by Spectrum News regarding the recent indictment of Representative Henry Cuellar.

“Now that this is the second member of Congress who has been charged with being an unregistered foreign agent, after that not really ever happening before, I think that is a significant development and does reflect additional scrutiny and focus on foreign influence campaigns,” said Howard during the hearing on April 10, 2024.

Cuellar is accused of accepting bribes from an oil and gas company controlled by the government of Azerbaijan, as well as a Mexican bank, in exchange for trying to influence U.S. foreign policy. Cuellar’s indictment comes shortly after the Justice Department brought a new indictment against Sen. Bob Menendez, D-New Jersey, and his wife on charges of accepting bribes to help the governments of Egypt and Qatar.

Cuellar denied any wrongdoing. In a statement, he said before he took any action he sought legal advice from the House Ethics Committee. Cuellar and his wife pleaded not guilty.READ MORE

FTX Spurs Corporate Sleuths Nardello Into Ch. 11 Probes

Dan Nardello and Howard Master spoke with Law360 about the firms’ burgeoning Bankruptcy practice and involvement with FTX.

The article explains how the firm’s experience in broad-based, international investigations ideally positions it to support significant bankruptcy assignments. As Nardello explained: “There aren’t many folks with our particular background doing this kind of work.”

Bankruptcy had not been a particular focus of the firm before it got a call the day after the Chapter 11 filing of cryptocurrency giant FTX from the company’s newly-installed management, seeking help in tracking down the billions in assets the company once had.

“What we saw with FTX was our skill sets were directly applicable to the bankruptcy space,” Nardello said.READ MORE

Truck Plows into Texas Department of Public Safety Office

An 18-wheeler plowed into a Texas Department of Public Safety office in Brenham in an apparent “intentional” act, officials said Friday. Several people were injured. Texas State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst said in a social media statement that the truck was stolen. Nardello & Co.’s Managing Director Tim Gallagher, a former FBI agent, breaks down what’s next in the investigation.WATCH HERE