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Boards Rely on Intense Vetting for New Leaders After #MeToo

Nardello & Co. President & COO Sabina Menschel is quoted in this Bloomberg Law article on the importance of vetting new executive and board hires in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

It’s nothing new to vet candidates for executive and board positions, but companies are increasingly seeking deep dives into a potential leader’s past with more harassment allegations coming to light, president and COO of Nardello & Co. Sabina Menschel told Bloomberg Law. Nardello & Co. is a global investigative firm. Gone are the days of a “check the box” background check, she said.

“Zero tolerance has to start with the hiring process,” she said. “Really that’s your biggest opportunity to create the culture.”

“Exhaustive open source investigation of the public record” is coupled with supplemental interviews from a candidate’s past, Menschel said. It also helps when women are already on the boards of companies looking for a new leader.

“A female board member’s network is likely very different from a male board member’s network,” she said. “You’re just going to have a wider variety of sources or networks to pull from.”


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Start date: January 11, 2019


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