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China corporate records policy shift: what hedge funds need to know

A recent policy change aimed at obscuring corporate records in China has made conducting due diligence there that much more difficult for hedge funds and others, as reported in a recent International Financial Law Review article. But according to Ben Rowse, head of Nardello & Co.’s Asia practice, finding an in-country investigator with the right resources can make all the difference. “Good investigators have established networks of informed sources who they can reach out to for their expertise and knowledge,” Rowse told IFLR. “A New York hedge fund is unlikely to have such a network.”read more

Corporate Sleuths Detect Opportunity in China

Here the author, Ben Lewis, focuses his commentary on the ever-growing demand for due diligence on companies in China which has created an opening for private investigators prepared to go where lawyers cannot, or will not, tread. Nardello & Co.’s principal, Dan Nardello comments on the increased opportunities in Asia, the opening of Nardello & Co.’s Hong Kong office and describes the complexity of his firm’s professional information-gathering as “21st century gumshoeing. read more

Corporate intelligence firms follow US graft probes to Asia

Increased enforcement of anti-bribery laws results in a heightened need for investigative services in Asia. As Dan Nardello explains, “Asia is… a culture that is not unfamiliar with corruption and being corrupted, at least in terms of how the West defines it.”read more