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Corporate intelligence firms follow US graft probes to Asia

Increased enforcement of anti-bribery laws results in a heightened need for investigative services in Asia. As Dan Nardello explains, “Asia is… a culture that is not unfamiliar with corruption and being corrupted, at least in terms of how the West defines it.”read more

Investigative Firm Nardello & Co. Opens Office in Hong Kong, Expanding Global Reach

Nardello & Co., a leading international investigative firm, announced today the opening of its Hong Kong office. The office will be headed by senior investigator and regional expert, Ben Rowse, and will serve as the hub of the firm’s Asia practice. Nardello & Co.’s Hong Kong office will bolster the firm’s presence in China and throughout Asia where the firm has provided an array of investigative and anti-corruption services to its global clientele since its founding in 2003.

Dan Nardello, founder and principal of Nardello & Co., said, “We are thrilled to welcome Ben to the team as we continue to expand our global presence and capture increasing opportunities in Asia. With the heightened demand for extensive due diligence, FCPA, UK Bribery Act and anti-corruption investigative services in Asia, our Hong Kong office will provide on-the-ground support in the region for our international corporate clients, asset managers, financial institutions and law firms.read more

A revolution against corruption?

Dan Nardello weighs in on the impact of Russia signing on with the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s Anti-Bribery Convention. “It’s a step in the right direction,” Nardello states, “and it comes after a lot of internal and international pressure. But the real question is how it will be enforced. Indeed, will it be enforced at all? And if so, will it be enforced fairly.” These questions posed by Nardello are shared by many who are anxious to see what this joining means for Russia and what Russia’s next steps toward enforcement will be in the future.read more