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Moscow rules: asset tracing investigations during wartime in Ukraine

This article discusses how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has influenced  the global restructuring of Russian assets and the consequent effects on asset tracing investigations.READ MORE

Where Are All the Toys and Assets of the Russian Oligarchs?

On a sedate street in Southampton N.Y., an enclave for the East Coast’s moneyed elite, sits a nine-bedroom villa with five fireplaces, a gym, a wine room and a tennis court.

Property records show the estate, worth at least $13 million, is owned by Medallion Inc, which the U.S. Department of Justice says is a Panamanian shell company ultimately controlled by Viktor Vekselberg, an aluminum and oil tycoon blacklisted for acting on behalf of the Russian government.READ MORE

Cryptocurrency Is Modern Ransomware’s Double-Edged Sword

Timothy Gallagher, a former special agent in the FBI’s Washington, D.C., cyber division and now the managing director and chief security officer at global investigation firm Nardello & Co., told Legaltech News that law enforcement is catching up with how cryptocurrency functions, enabling it to have better odds at clawing back funds paid during an attack.READ MORE