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Why the NSA is Shutting Down its Phone Logging Program

Mark Ray, Nardello & Co.’s Head of Digital Investigations & Cyber Defense, discussed why the NSA’s phone logging program has become obsolete.


Atlanta Lawyer, Investigator Offer Lessons from the FBI’s Disruption of North Korea’s Botnet

Nardello & Co. Managing Director and Head of Digital Investigations & Cyber Defense, Mark Ray, and Kamal Ghali of Bondurant Mixson & Elmore co-authored an article on the recent disruption of the Joanap botnet, the latest advanced cyber-threat emanating from North Korea, and proactive steps companies can take to reduce their cyberrisk and defend against similar threats.

“On Jan. 30, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed a secret operation to disrupt and uncover the Joanap botnet—one of North Korea’s tools for inflicting technological mayhem around the world. The FBI’s strategy, which in part turns on notifying users infected with the malware, underscores critical lessons about how cybersecurity awareness can serve U.S. national security goals and protect companies from damaging cyberattacks.”


Fearing future #MeToo allegations, a growing number of companies are turning to reputation management firms

Nardello & Co. Founder & CEO Daniel Nardello is quoted in this CNBC article on the increase in due diligence investigations in the wake of #MeToo.

“In the year since the Weinstein scandal, we’ve seen around a 35 percent uptick in client calls on the matter,” says Dan Nardello, a former federal prosecutor at the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office, who now runs his own firm.

While some companies and boards previously viewed background investigations as a “check the box” requirement going back 10 years, many more now recognize the value of an in-depth, rigorous investigation going back decades, said Nardello.

“As we’ve seen in a number of high profile situations, 10 years is usually not long enough to fully vet someone’s background,” he said. “Our clients are increasingly requesting that searches be both as historical and as comprehensive in scope as possible.”

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