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Boards Rely on Intense Vetting for New Leaders After #MeToo

Nardello & Co. President & COO Sabina Menschel is quoted in this Bloomberg Law article on the importance of vetting new executive and board hires in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

It’s nothing new to vet candidates for executive and board positions, but companies are increasingly seeking deep dives into a potential leader’s past with more harassment allegations coming to light, president and COO of Nardello & Co. Sabina Menschel told Bloomberg Law. Nardello & Co. is a global investigative firm. Gone are the days of a “check the box” background check, she said.

“Zero tolerance has to start with the hiring process,” she said. “Really that’s your biggest opportunity to create the culture.”

“Exhaustive open source investigation of the public record” is coupled with supplemental interviews from a candidate’s past, Menschel said. It also helps when women are already on the boards of companies looking for a new leader.

“A female board member’s network is likely very different from a male board member’s network,” she said. “You’re just going to have a wider variety of sources or networks to pull from.”

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Super Micro Says Review Found No Malicious Chips in Motherboards

Computer hardware maker Super Micro Computer Inc told customers on Tuesday that an outside investigations firm had found no evidence of any malicious hardware in its current or older-model motherboards.

In a letter to customers, the San Jose, California, company said it was not surprised by the result of the review it commissioned in October after a Bloomberg article reported that spies for the Chinese government had tainted Super Micro equipment to eavesdrop on its clients.

Super Micro had denied the allegations made in the report.

A person familiar with the analysis told Reuters it had been conducted by global firm Nardello & Co and that customers could ask for more detail on that company’s findings.

Nardello tested samples of motherboards in current production and versions that were sold to Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc, which were both named in the article, the person said.

It also examined software and design files without finding any unauthorized components or signals being sent out.

He said the company was still reviewing its legal options.

Apple, Amazon and U.S. and U.K. officials have all said they have no knowledge of any hardware attacks via Super Micro.read more

That Urgent Email From Your Boss Could Be a Dangerous Fake

Nardello & Co. Associate Managing Director and head of the Hong Kong office, Amie Chang, is quoted in this Bloomberg Businessweek article on the dangerous increase in business email compromise fraud.

If you work for a company that does business around the world, there’s a growing kind of fraud to watch out for: “business email compromise.” Among the victims in recent years are Ferrari NV and Arrow Electronics Inc., which lost millions of dollars after employees were tricked into wiring money to Hong Kong bank accounts.read more