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US Cracks Down on Corporate Bribes

This front-page story addresses the risk and costs associated with the Department of Justice’s crackdown on violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Nardello & Co. is one of only two “global investigative” firms mentioned in the article that help companies “ferret out trouble.”read more

Nardello & Co.’s Michael Ramos Discusses Aspects of the Bernie Madoff Case

Michael Ramos, former federal prosecutor and Managing Director at Nardello & Co., discusses aspects of the Bernie Madoff case on CNBC.read more

Barred by Britain, exiled Thai PM seeks new home

“His primary concern will be to move to a country without an extradition treaty with Thailand,” said Dan Nardello, a former US Federal Prosecutor who heads Nardello & Co., an investigations firm with offices in New York, London and Washington. “While it is difficult to generalize, former leaders in similar situations also tend to turn to countries where they have a pre-existing personal or professional connection – for example, countries in which Thaksin was seen as instrumental in supporting trade,” Nardello said.read more