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Senior Staff

Nicholas Peck

Managing Director
Our People/Nicholas Peck

Nicholas Peck is a Managing Director and leads the firm’s Complex Investigations Practice in New York. Spanning more than 25 years, Nick’s investigative career is distinguished by numerous notable matters requiring his expertise in building and executing unique strategies to meet our clients’ ultimate objectives. With extensive experience in a wide range of matters, he has consistently provided clarity to assignments that involve intricate issues across technical, legal, and regulatory boundaries. Examples of this type of work include investigations involving sovereign governments, alleged violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and Internet gaming.

Nick has a particular expertise in international matters, having lived and worked outside the US. In South Africa, he opened the Johannesburg office of an international investigations firm, where he served as Managing Director. He has handled numerous types of investigations, including litigation support, international asset searches, domestic and international due diligence, corporate control contests, and reputation-related issues in the US, Latin America, and South Africa.

Highlights of Nick’s career include significant roles in several major high-profile cases, among them a two- year investigation of Saddam Hussein’s financial network, a fraud investigation for a South African state- owned bank that led to the conviction of several individuals, and an international investigation of a senior executive of a multinational company who had embezzled millions of dollars through the use of fake invoices.

Nicholas Peck received his BA degree in international relations from Bates College in Maine.


Nicholas Peck

Managing Director

565 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2200
New York, NY 10017
T: +1 212 537 5300
F: +1 212 537 5333


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