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4月 2019
Defending Against Shareholder Activist Attacks: Identifying Their Vulnerabilities (And Yours, Too)

Activist investors typically target a co続きを読む

3月 2019
Finding the Skeletons in Your Closet—Before the Media Does

Front pages across America lit up in ear続きを読む

2月 2019
On the Brink of Regime Change in Venezuela, Here’s Why Creditors Should Still Worry

With regime change in Venezuela appearin続きを読む

1月 2019
Japan’s Attempts to Help Banks Vet Yakuza Links Fall Short

When Japan’s National Police Agency (NPA続きを読む

8月 2018
Hot Topics and Current Trends in Public Corruption Investigations

Investigating and charging public offici続きを読む

7月 2018
“Safeguarding” Aid Workers: The Importance of Rooting Out Bad Actors

A recent series of alarming revelations 続きを読む

3月 2018
What China’s New Anti-Corruption Agency Means for Foreign Firms

[:en] China’s creation of a National Sup続きを読む

1月 2018
Keeping Predators Out of the Corner Office

Not every noxious cloud has a silver lin続きを読む

9月 2017
The New Cyber Reality: A Perpetual State of Breach

Just as individuals and organizations we続きを読む

9月 2017
The Equifax Data Breach – What You Need To Know

In the wake of Equifax Inc.’s recent dat続きを読む

6月 2017
The Case for Lateral Partner Due Diligence

A law firm’s reputation is built on the 続きを読む

2月 2017
Conducting Corporate Investigations in Africa

With some exceptions, corporate investig続きを読む

8月 2016
Uber’s Rogue Investigators Cause Federal Judge’s Temper to Surge

Judge Jed Rakoff’s decision issued on Ju続きを読む

8月 2016
Corporate Spies Must Toe the Line

Private investigators don’t do what Holl続きを読む

7月 2016
Two Cheers for the Modern Slavery Act?

Though more than 150 years have passed s続きを読む

6月 2016
Murky Waters: Navigating Business & Politics in Asia

Politics and business intertwine in a un続きを読む

5月 2016
Implications of the Panama Papers for Panama and Beyond

When the Panama Papers were first reveal続きを読む

12月 2015
Investigative Due Diligence: Beyond Google

Due diligence has become a standard comp続きを読む

4月 2015
Independent Investigation into NYU Abu Dhabi Campus Allegations

As you may have seen, on April 16th we i続きを読む

4月 2014
Wasta: Connections or Corruption in the Arab World

In the wake of the Arab Spring, corrupti続きを読む