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Multidimensional, sophisticated, and customized.

Every year, fraud costs organizations billions of dollars and exposes them to considerable legal risk.

Taking action to protect your business requires partnerships with investigative firms that can adapt their methods to the specificities of your case.

At Nardello & Co., our corporate fraud team employs a mix of sophisticated technology, digital forensics, and proven investigative techniques to get results for our clients. We work quickly and effectively to manage everything from internal investigations and litigation support to ongoing due diligence.

Nardello & Co. is the preferred fraud investigation firm for Fortune 500 businesses, multinational corporations, and any other organization with work that crosses borders. We have offices in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, to provide on-the-ground support in these important financial and political centers.

We also have a global network of corporate fraud investigators working around the world. Our team has the connections and the intimate cultural knowledge necessary to get insider information in any jurisdiction. We are also fully versed in local laws to ensure all data we collect is usable, legal, and ethically obtained.

We provide the information that helps you move forward.

Our fraud investigation services are multidimensional, sophisticated, and most of all, tailored to the needs of your business. Corporate fraud investigations can serve various potential ends, from looking into accusations against a senior executive or rumors about a potential hire, to developing corporate governance strategies that reduce risk when moving into new territories.

In everything we do, we focus our investigation to get you only the results you need. We don’t employ a “cookie cutter” approach that wastes time following unnecessary leads. Instead, we strive to quickly provide useful information that helps you make more informed choices moving forward.

We translate data into informed advice.

The second component to our investigative approach involves how we present our findings. Rather than leaving you with a pile of information, we take the time to find inferences and turn raw data into meaningful advice. When performing a fraud investigation, we stand behind the quality and utility of our work every step of the way. We also ensure that all of our findings have a clear investigative chain of custody, so they are usable in court and not subject to confidentiality issues.

Simply put, we do the difficult work required to dig deeper into serious fraud claims. Our insight and expertise will help you mitigate risk and emerge from crises in a position of strength.

We bring years of investigative experience to every case.

The Nardello & Co. team consists of former federal prosecutors, law enforcement officials, intelligence agents, and others with intimate experience conducting fraud investigations. A well-trained support staff consisting of researchers, forensic accountants, and digital analysts uncover the data and do the legwork required to get answers. In everything we do, we are discreet, strategic and responsive to changes on the ground as they occur—all key assets in any fraud investigation.