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Leave no stone unturned.

From poring over a database to providing boots-on-the-ground investigative support, Nardello & Co. offers a range of asset tracing services to clients in the US and around the world.

The ease with which money and valuables can be moved around the world today has created a need for sophisticated asset investigation services. Following the path of missing assets requires the collective expertise of forensic accountants, researchers, lawyers, and investigators. With our comprehensive creative approach, we can pick up a financial trail that’s been cold for an extended period of time, making our team an essential ally in litigation and other legal actions.

We recognize that it is frequently the less obvious assets that can be the most significant. Some of the assets we have identified and recovered during the course of our investigations include:
We have the experience, creativity, and tenacity to maximize chances of success.

With a near limitless number of avenues to pursue in asset tracing, it is essential to define the types of assets likely to be found. It is also critical to understand the nuances that arise in searching for those assets and crucial to prove ownership when the assets are found.

We work closely with you to offer a customized solution.

Whether looking for assets held by individuals involved in civil disputes, sovereign assets, or assets hidden by a deposed leader, Nardello & Co. is able to trace difficult-to-find assets with greater efficiency and accuracy than firms employing a one-size-fits-all method. In everything we do, we strive to provide useful findings and clear recommendations, derived from ethically obtained information.

A client-focused approach to asset tracing wherever, whenever you need it.

At Nardello & Co., our clients include Fortune 500 businesses, governments, and high-net-worth individuals, each with their own needs. And with offices in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, our team has the ability to work around the globe and around the clock to meet those needs.


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