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From digital forensics to strategic cybersecurity services and all points in between.

With a premier team of cybersecurity professionals and a network of superb digital investigators around the world, Nardello & Co.’s dedicated Digital Investigations & Cybersecurity practice offers every manner of digital investigations, incident response, and cybersecurity consulting services to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high-net-worth individuals in the US and virtually anywhere on the globe.

Digital investigations led by front-line cybersecurity expertise.

Unlike many of our competitors, Nardello & Co.’s Digital Investigations & Cybersecurity practice benefits from the insight of our professionals who are former federal prosecutors, law enforcement officials, and white collar lawyers and litigators with extensive experience managing complex cyber matters and utilizing the results of digital investigations. This allows us to offer an additional perspective throughout the process, staying alert to possible nuances that could be legally relevant down the road.

Our digital investigations and cybersecurity services include:
We emphasize the “investigative” aspect of digital investigations.

Our senior digital investigators are—first and foremost—investigators, usually either former law enforcement or former intelligence operatives. Thus, while our digital investigators are fully conversant in advanced computer forensics and incident response techniques, they offer additional value because they think like investigators first.

A trusted advisor who can speak beyond the “ones and zeros.”

Our cybersecurity consulting services are designed to help our clients proactively manage and mitigate cyber risk, improve their security posture, and prepare for future cyber incidents. Leveraging our legal-focused approach, we help clients translate cyber threats into business risk, allowing them to make informed, strategic, risk-based decisions.

When we conduct a digital investigation, the digital component of the inquiry is part and parcel of, and informed by, the broader legal and investigative strategy.

Our digital investigations focus on what our clients actually need in the context of their overall investigative strategy, without engaging in needless and costly “check-the-box” exercises that bear little relation to the demands of the inquiry.

Trusted worldwide to produce actionable intelligence.

Whether you’re responding to a specific incident, performing due diligence, or conducting an internal review of your cybersecurity posture, the purpose of a digital forensic investigation should be to provide focused, useful information. At Nardello & Co., we offer computer forensic and cybersecurity services that are tailored to your specific needs. Following an exhaustive review of the facts, we will present you with a concise, relevant assessment of your options moving forward.

Available around the clock and around the world.

Responding quickly and appropriately to cyber incidents is an essential part of risk management and other important decision-making processes. With every digital forensic investigation, we take steps to ensure all information is ethically obtained and based on facts and evidence that will hold up in court. Our network comprises offices in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, ensuring we have the capabilities necessary to quickly respond to cyber incidents with global implications.


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