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We unearth what you need to know.

As the premier investigative firm for white collar defense practitioners, Nardello & Co. works collaboratively and creatively with defense counsel from the pre-indictment stage through the end of the trial to create investigative strategies designed to challenge the government’s case and bolster defense theories.

When the client’s future is on the line in a criminal case, access to information can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Our professionals have worked on numerous high-stakes and high-profile criminal cases, as well as on a wide range of complex civil matters, including civil RICO, securities fraud, regulatory, money laundering, and libel cases across multiple jurisdictions around the world.

Our work, in connection with the defense of white collar criminal matters, includes:
In highly public legal proceedings, getting to the truth of the matter requires investigative services that dig deeply.

The Nardello & Co. team includes former US federal prosecutors, former special agents from US law enforcement agencies, seasoned investigators previously with foreign law enforcement agencies, and former forensic accountants and computer forensic specialists with long-standing experience conducting criminal investigations. Our experience includes complex and criminal defense in cases involving charges of insider trading, fraud, and corruption, RICO, money laundering, tax evasion, and other significant, reputation-damaging and criminal enforcement issues.

We work with speed and discretion to get the information you need to mount a successful defense.

White collar crimes involving high-profile individuals are often decided in the court of public opinion before a formal trial even begins. When a public trial garners media attention, it can influence witnesses and cloud the facts. Our white collar investigations team gets ahead of the case and gets the facts from the people closest to it before they have a chance to be influenced by outside actors.

We’re committed to ethically sourcing information that’s usable in a criminal trial.

Information uncovered in a white collar investigation not only has to be accurate, but it must also be usable in court. With a background in federal investigations, the Nardello & Co. team has the experience necessary to find the information that will make a difference in your case. Rather than simply presenting you with our findings, we’ll take the time and effort to analyze information, separate fact from fiction, and ultimately, provide you with evidence that can help you mount a successful defense.

We have a global reach with offices in eight cities.

Matters such as money laundering and RICO investigations often have global consequences. Nardello & Co. maintains offices in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We also have field investigators around the world, so we can quickly provide in-depth investigations into these far-reaching matters. Wherever a white collar investigation takes our teams, we have the connections, the language skills, and the local expertise to get the facts in any environment.


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