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We’ve got you covered.

Whether imposed by a court of law or by way of an agreement with regulators or prosecutors, monitorships have become an important tool in ensuring an organization’s compliance with applicable legal standards. Once only associated with criminal investigations, monitorships now have been successfully instituted in many industries to advance worldwide compliance with antitrust, antifraud, health, safety, environmental, and anti-terrorism laws and regulations.

With Nardello’s experienced team of qualified professionals working strategically alongside stakeholders in the monitored entity, a monitorship will yield a longstanding, positive outcome for the organization.

We create bespoke monitoring teams to implement the right plan.

A critical component of a Nardello & Co. monitorship involves identifying and tasking qualified individuals to meet the objectives of the monitorship quickly, competently, and effectively. The synergy created by using experienced personnel—including former prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, forensic accountants, and industry-specific specialists—enables Nardello & Co. to develop a monitoring program that focuses quickly on detecting and remediating the problems that led to the imposition of the monitorship.

We design monitorships for the long term.

Monitorships should create good governance and self-regulation without causing detrimental economic impact to the monitored entity. Nardello & Co.’s monitoring strategy seeks to identify and to deter potential problems at the monitored entity and develop and implement standards for future compliance. We seek not just to identify and address the organization’s problems in the short term, but also to promote a culture of compliance which will have a lasting long-term and positive impact on the monitored entity.